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Who we are?

At Reactive Marketing, we specialize in crafting digital marketing strategies that help businesses in Dubai thrive online. Our comprehensive services include SEO, PPC advertising, social media marketing, video content creation, and eCommerce marketing.

By combining innovative techniques with deep market insights, we deliver results that consistently surpass expectations. Our goal is to harness the power of digital marketing to drive your business growth and help you achieve your objectives.

Our services

Meta marketing Reach an audience of 3.96 Billion. Engage with potential customers who could shape your future. Generate leads effectively through Facebook & Instagram Ads.

TikTok marketing Tap into an audience of 1.677 billion. TikTok ads are exceptionally lucrative across diverse industries, driving millions in revenue for our clients.

Google ads With 8.5 billion searches daily, your potential customers are actively seeking your product or service every second.

SEO Achieving a strong Google search ranking is vital for brand creation, ensuring visibility without constant spending.

Lead Generation Mastering the entire sales funnel, our lead automation and successful ads generate potential leads from various sources under one platform.

Video creation marketing From production to editing, we've got it covered. Our portfolio includes highly converting advertisements, company video portfolios, documentaries, and more.

We don’t
just do marketing!

We have mastered the entire funnel journey, from awareness to conversion and retention, with complete control in your hands.

We grow brands with multichannel growth strategies and unique UGC & Content creation.

Multi Platforms growth
Increase ROAS & ROI
Unique UGC & Content Creation
Increase ROI & reduce cost

Our projects

What makes us happy is achieving our client's results.

From Spending $20,000 to $120,000 ROAS

Client with minimal ad experience surpassed $1M/year revenue in 90 days of our partnership, marking a significant achievement.

From Product Launch to $ 358,000

Deep audience insight empowers compelling copy and creative, pivotal in scaling client revenue from paid traffic to 7 or multiple 7 figures in 2 years.

Spending $84,000 to $3.4 million

Joined, scaled daily ad spending by 510% to $1,300, boosted ROAS from 1.5 to 3.7x, aiding brand recovery and surpassing past performance.

Spending $55,000 to $6 million Sales

$55,000 in Ads yielded a massive $6 million real estate sales in the UAE, showcasing our strategies and delivering a 560% ROI in 4 months.

Our Testimonials

The entire funnel journey, from awareness to conversion


Reactive Marketing transformed our online presence with their cutting-edge strategies. Their digital marketing prowess is unparalleled, delivering tangible results that exceeded our expectations.


Exceptional service from Reactive Marketing! Their dynamic approach to digital marketing not only boosted our brand visibility but also increased customer engagement significantly. A game-changer for any business.


Choosing Reactive Marketing was the best decision for our brand. Their team's expertise in digital marketing have been instrumental in our success. Trustworthy, results-driven, and highly recommended!


In a saturated market, Reactive Marketing stands out as a beacon of innovation. Their tailored digital campaigns are both strategic and creative, consistently driving traffic and conversions. A top-tier digital marketing agency.

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